January 2017

Happy New Year from the Saraz Family

Revolutionary Handpan Research at Saraz
Mark and Josh have been very excited to collaborate with Paul Vo of Vo Inventions.  Paul is a brilliant inventor and product developer who’s work has resulted in the  Moog Guitar, the VO-96 and the VO Wond, which all utilize Paul’s patented vibration control technology to influence and activate the vibrations of ferrous guitar strings.

After initial discussions between Mark, Paul and Josh about the physics of the Saraz as well as Paul’s other magnetic oscillators, Paul designed and built a prototype magnetic oscillator that is cable of driving the vibration of a handpan. Currently referred to as the “Saraz Sonic Driver” or “Harmonic Spider”, the device is similar to his other inventions which are capable of using a programmable magnetic field to activate and drive vibration in ways that are not possible with any other physical force.

Basically, the magnetic driver can turn the handpan into a speaker.

Paul Vo, Acoustic Synthesis, Harmonic Spider Magnetic Oscillator

The signal can be activated by a microphone, playing other amplified musical instruments, utilizing Pro Tools plugins and Ableton Live, or simply playing an MP3 file.

More details on the project and a video of perhaps the most revolutionary sounds to yet come from a Handpan can be found HERE.

Updated Offered Scales

We are now building the Saraz in three different sizes. In addition to our original 21″ diameter sound sculpture, we are now building the Saraz with a smaller 20″ and 19″ diameter.

Why three sizes?

The internal resonance of every handpan is ideal for some notes and not for others. With three sizes, we are able to offer a wider array of scales with a more appropriate internal resonance. This means that we are now able to offer notes such as Bb4 within G minor, F# Major,  Eb Minor scales and more. Whereas Bb4 sounds absolutely horrible on a 21″ diameter instrument, it sounds absolutely beautiful on a 19″ diameter instrument.

Saraz instrument diameters are indicated either beside a particular scale layout or in the description of the scale on our Offered Scales List

19", 20" and 21" diameter Saraz handpans

Saraz Production
2017 is already looking to be a great year for Saraz production. We have received a great response to the recent opening of our waiting list and are already finishing instruments for the first accepted requests. So far, the process has been the most manageable method we have yet explored. Information about submitting a request for a Saraz can be found HERE.

We will also continue to offer a limited number of immediately available instruments on our website.  Many of these instruments are new scales that we wish to explore and add to our offered scales list. We often announce these sales on our Facebook page at

These instruments sell very quickly, however there are services that will track and notify you of changes to the page. These sales as well as links to web page tracking services can be found HERE.

Thank you again for your interest in the Saraz! We truly can not build instruments without you.

We wish you all many blessings and endless inspiration in 2017!

The Saraz Family