Handpan Drums for Sale

Josh Playing vertical Saraz
We post immediately available Saraz Handpan Drums for sale here monthly. Our most recent Saraz have all sold. Thank you to everyone that wrote us. Our next sale will be in March. These instruments often sell quickly. If you would like to be notified about these sales and other Saraz news, please sign up on our Email List and follow us on Facebook.

If you would like to request a custom Saraz with the scale of your choice, you can find more information about ordering Here.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Saraz Family.

My instrument arrived today in perfect condition! Just beautiful.  Thank you for all your care and i am grateful for all your gifts of craftsmanship.  - Alain from California - March 2018

Good news, the handpan has arrived safely, thank you so much for everything.  Can’t wait to learn how to play this magical instrument.
- Embla from Iceland - March 2018

To the Saraz craftsmen and team, This hand pan is fabulous!! I’m very pleased! The sound is fantastic and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I feel like I have an ancient vessel on my lap.... Something handed down from another world bringing wisdom to the moment. There’s an incredible sense of the elements earth, metal, water, wood, fire and air expressed in the resonating vibrations. Very cosmic. The instrument has completely exceeded any expectation! I’m actually blown away and humbled to have something so wonderfully crafted by someone with such care.  Absolutely a one of a kind piece to be treasured and enjoyed.  Thank you for the great experience from the first email inquiry about purchasing to the stout packaging at delivery. Also, kudos to the folks at Hardcase Technologies! The travel case is excellent quality and nicely designed.  Again I’m very happy with my new instrument. - Perry from California - February 2018

I have received my handpan.  Everything is alright.  The packaging was really good.   When I was playing the first time, I had tears in my eyes - I am so happy.  Thank you so much for making this possible. - Josep from Germany - February 2018  

My handpan arrived today and I'm blown away by the quality of this instrument!
Superb and subtle sound. I'm going to enjoy playing this.  Thank you 🙂
- Olaf from the UK - February 2018

My Saraz just arrived and it is beautiful with exquisite sound!  Many thanks,
- Lillian from Massachusetts - January 2018

I wanted to let y’all know that I received my handpan today, and I am overjoyed! I’m looking forward to learning and making music with it for years to come! Thank you so much.
- Rebecca from Washington January - 2018

My Handpan has arrived in Sydney Australia safely and has a beautiful tone!  Thank you for all your work.
- Alene from Australia - January 2018

I got it!! And it’s awesome!!! Love the sound! Thank you! -Karttikeya from New Jersey - January 2018      

She is here. My handpan is here. Thank you very much. It is unbelievable.  It makes soooo much fun.  I wish you all the best!!! - Svetlana from Germany - December 2017

It was in 2013 at Handpangea, a handpan gathering in North Carolina, that I first met Mark Garner and experienced his Saraz. By 2013, there were already several makers out there. Mark had brought in one of his prototypes to the event. I was immediately impressed and I expressed my interest in his instruments. By then, I had owned my Hang for close to 7 years and the thought of acquiring a new handpan was thrilling! Mark put me on his waiting list that weekend, expecting to build my Saraz sometime in 2014—about a year and half later. Little did I know I would get—not one but—two Saraz handpans by then! Indeed, in the fall of 2013, I was lucky enough to buy a Saraz Equinox through a flash sale on their website. It's a fabulous instrument. A year later, at HangOut USA 2014, I was back in North Carolina to pick up my second Saraz: an Oxalista. Since then, fellow handpan player Josh Rivera has joined Mark and his team, and they have been making wonderful handpans! I have had the chance to visit the Saraz workshop—you can read the story here—and I can't say enough good things about their team. - Sylvian Paslier of www.sylvainpasliermusic.com