Handpan Stands

After being asked for years about where to purchase handpan stands, we now carry 3 options for sale in the USA and Canada. If you are in another country, please order directly from Sounds Inspiring.

These stands are especially great for playing more than one handpan simultaneously or for players with a small lap where playing is not comfortable or easy.

They are made of wood and are very stable with a locking mechanism.

handpan stand adjustable

The sitting model weighs approximately 2 pounds  and folds down to a very compact size. It is easy to carry and store when not in use.  When open, the base dimensions are approximately 15″ x 16″ while the height is adjustable from 21″ – 25″.

The standing model allows the musician to stand up and move around more easily while playing. It weights approximately 3 pounds. When open, the height is approximately 38″ while the base is 27″ x 32″.

The standing Foldable model weighs approximately 3 pounds and folds to a compact size that is easy to carry and store. Open dimensions are approximately the same as the standing model.


Sitting Stand $139

Standing Stand $149

Foldable Standing Stand $220

Shipping is approximately $25 within the USA and $45 to Canada. If you would like order, please visit HERE.