Lug Loc Luggage locator

Lug Loc Luggage locator
In collaboration with Hard Case Technologies, we now carry the Lug Loc Luggage locator.

Lug Loc was created with one goal: to bring peace of mind to all travelers around the world. Lost luggage is the main concern for travelers, and with the technology present today, the Lug Loc was designed to utilize GSM-GPRS Technologies to locate your luggage around the world.

Imagine if your handpan was lost during travel. Usually one would contact the airline with great stress and concern that their valuable and irreplaceable instrument had be lost while hoping that the airline can find it. With LugLoc, one would instead contact the airline and tell them exactly where the package is located, thereby saving time, energy, and a great deal of stress in knowing that their luggage is not lost.

Lug Loc has a Rechargeable Battery that lasts over 15 days while the device is ON. This ensures that you will be connected to your Lug Loc even if the Flight has connections and your Luggage is misplaced.

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