Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spring is upon us in the Southern Appalachians as developments continue to bloom in Saraz Land. We are excited to share some announcements and updates with everyone.

Saraz Auction to sponsor LEAF Community Arts
This week, the Saraz Foundation is deeply honored to be conducting an auction to sponsor LEAF Community Arts, a non-profit organization, building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts – locally and globally – with festivals, community events and arts education programs. The Saraz team has been deeply inspired by the aspirations, intentions and success of the LEAF organization particularly for their focus on promoting and supporting music education locally and world wide. The Lake Eden Arts Festival has been one of our favorite festivals long before the Saraz was even conceived and the intention of the LEAF organization has been one of the main inspirations for creating the Saraz Foundation. We feel that this organization is sincerely improving the quality of our planet, species, and culture. Please check out their website for more information about their activities.

Froglube, Microfiber Cloths and Saraz T shirts
We are now selling Froglube Liquid Rust Preventative in the 1.5 oz squeeze tube, 4 oz bottle, and presoaked wipes, as well as microfiber cloths and Saraz T Shirts. Details can be found at

Updated Scale offerings and extended note range
Our offered scale list has recently been updated. We have extended our range and now offer low F3 and F#3 as a side note. Videos of these notes and our newly offered Eb Dorian and C# minor scales can be found at

We are currently developing forms to extend our range further. Low C3 as a center note and low E3 as a side note are very close. Low B2 is next on the horizion. We have also been exploring a new architecture for higher notes above D5. For all of these notes, tuning is easy, however the ideal architecture takes time in order to perfect shoulder tones on lower notes and balanced amplitude of frequencies on higher notes.

Tuning Services offered at 2015 gatherings
Tuning Service for any Saraz will be offered by Mark and Josh at Handpangea Farmington April 24th – 27th, HangOut USA July 16th – 20th, and HangOut UK September 11th – 13th. If you have a Saraz that needs a tune up, please contact us for details in advance.

Waiting List update
After 7 months of research and design, we are finally harvesting the fruits of our labor. Josh Rivera has settled in to building some of the finest Saraz yet as well as increased our production substantially while the rest of the team have geared up for the growing work flow. We are a bit behind our expectations on fullfilling our current waiting list, however, we are quickly picking up speed and still expect to finish the list in 2016.

Thank you for your interest in the Saraz.
Wishing everyone many blessings and endless inspiration,
The Saraz Crew