Shipping rates for a Saraz

Domestic shipping for a Saraz Handpan in the USA including packaging and handling ranges from $80-180.

Mexico ,China, and New Zealand are around $250.

Most of Europe is $150-200.

Australia and Israel are around $450-500.

All of South America and Africa is over $600.

All shipments include tracking and insurance. Specific details will be included in each shipping quote as there is some variation depending on destination. A shipping quote is given at the time of purchase. Most shipments are sent via USPS priority mail, priority international, or priority express international. In special circumstances to certain countries, Global Express International is used. This is handled by USPS in the USA and FEDex outside of the USA. Customs regulations and import taxes vary greatly from country to country. Customs regulations and import fees are the responsibility of the customer to research and pay. Each international package is shipped with an original invoice.

Packaging Details

We safely ship instruments world wide specifically because of the packaging design. The interior surfaces of every box are lined with 4 mm thick corrugated plastic. There are four more pieces of 4 mm thick corrugated plastic folded into triangles that stand parallel to the height the box in each of the four corners. This provides greater strength between the two largest surfaces of the box. We then use heavy duty high strength strapping tape to cover every edge of the box as well as cross over each of the two largest surfaces. Finally, we place “Fragile” stickers on every surface. In combination with the protection provide by the Evatek carrying case included with each Saraz Handpan, we have found this method to be very safe for shipping our instruments world wide.
Evatek and handpan shipping box