Now offering Evatek Medium, Large, Turtle and Flykits

Now offering Evatek Medium, Large, Turtle and Flykits

Hard Case TechnologiesWe feel that the HCT cases are among the very best options currently available for a handpan as well as a VERY significant improvement over any bag we have used in the past. Between the Medium and Large Evatek sizes as well as multiple thicknesses of foam inserts, there is a high quality carrying case option for every handpan brand that we have seen. Product and purchasing details can be found on the new website at

We are very excited to use these carrying cases for the Saraz and are now offering Saraz customers an Evatek upgrade at a discounted price at the time of instrument 2015 with Alessio, Josh and Mark

We are also offering bulk discounts to any other builder in the region that wishes to purchase 5 or more cases. Please contact us directly for details on bulk order prices, shipping quotes, etc. Thank you for your interest in Hard Case Technologies and the Saraz.

Wishing you all many blessings and endless inspiration.





Now Offering Fly Kits by Hard Case Technologies

Evatek Flykit by Hard Case Technologies

We are delighted to now carry the Fly Kit inserts for Medium and Large Evatek carrying cases. Extensive details on using this extra layer of protection to protect your Handpan, Pantam, Hang ® or Sound Sculpture during your airline travels can be found at

They can be purchased alone or in combination with an Evatek carrying case. Ordering details for customers in the USA and Canada can be found at