Lug Loc Luggage locator

Lug Loc Luggage locator
In collaboration with Hard Case Technologies, we now carry the Lug Loc Luggage locator.

Lug Loc was created with one goal: to bring peace of mind to all travelers around the world. Lost luggage is the main concern for travelers, and with the technology present today, the Lug Loc was designed to utilize GSM-GPRS Technologies to locate your luggage around the world.

Imagine if your handpan was lost during travel. Usually one would contact the airline with great stress and concern that their valuable and irreplaceable instrument had be lost while hoping that the airline can find it. With LugLoc, one would instead contact the airline and tell them exactly where the package is located, thereby saving time, energy, and a great deal of stress in knowing that their luggage is not lost.

Lug Loc has a Rechargeable Battery that lasts over 15 days while the device is ON. This ensures that you will be connected to your Lug Loc even if the Flight has connections and your Luggage is misplaced.

For more information about the Lug Loc including pricing, please visit

Froglube and Ballistol

We recently experimented with Ballistol rust preventative and cleaner after it was recommended from a friend. We found it was an excellent rust preventative and decided to begin offering it as well as Froglube to our customers. Each product has strengths and weakness relative to the other. The following is a review of each product.

froglube 4 oz bottle Froglue 1.5 oz squeeze tube Froglube wipes

We offer Froglube in
4 oz bottle $18.99
1.5 oz tube $14.99
5 presoaked wipes $9.99

We have been carrying and using Froglube for 3 years. It is a great product! The mint smell and completely biodegradable, environmentally friendly and most importantly, skin safe liquid is one of the best rust preventatives for handpans that we have found on the market. We do not only sale it to our customers. We have also used it on Saraz shells in our shaping shop and on finished Saraz for years. It is a bit more expensive than Ballistol, however, Froglube is popular for a reason. Most importantly, it has the less effect on the sound of handpans than Ballistol. While it does very slightly muffle most handpans, it does not muffle them nearly as much as ballistol. We do not recommend the Froglube Liquid as a cleaner, however it is a great product for rust prevention and the mint smell is delightful!  After discovering that a fellow handpan owner was severely allergic to mint and therefore froglube, we are happy to now also offer an alternative.

ballistol wipes and ballistol 4 oz can

We offer Ballistol in
4 oz (non aerosol) can $11
10 presoaked wipes $10

Like froglube, Ballistol is also completely biodegradable, environmental friendly, and skin safe. It was developed in 1904 for the German Imperial Army for cleaning and maintaining metallic parts, wood and leather. It is now used on a wide array of products including everything from shavers to firearms and fishing gear. It can be used to lubricate hinges, doors, tools, fans, zippers, and car parts. It can be used on anything made of wood, plastic, rubber or leather (not including suede). We experimented with it on a Saraz.

We noticed that unlike Froglube, Ballistol cleans the steel really well and it appears to last slightly longer on the surface. It is also cheaper than Froglube and smells different. It’s oil like aromoa does not have a toxic or horrible smell, however it is not as appealing as the mint aroma of Froglube. With either product, the smell disappears after 1-2 days.

It is very important to not use too much Ballistol as it can muffle a handpan significantly. A little bit goes a very long way! One wipe is worth 3-5 applications. 2-3 drops is enough to use on a handpan along with a paper towel or microfiber cloth to rub it in.  If too much is used and the instrument becomes muffled, we recommend cleaning off the excess Ballistol with rubbing alcohol. After discovering how easy it is to use too much Ballistol and therefore significantly muffle the instrument, we do not recommend it for use on the Saraz.  However, for other brands of instruments that are too bright or too blary for the player’s taste, Ballistol can be used to tame the sound of the instrument.

Using a rust preventative on handpans is very important for the longevity of the instrument! Environmental influences such as heat and humidity as well as the acidity of skin oils and sweat will eventually rust any handpan if it is not oiled. A Ballistol or froglube wipe can be used for multiple applications while a 4 oz bottle of either rust preventative is enough to last a VERY long time.

Shipping and handling in the USA for either product is $7.00.
There is no additional shipping charge when these items are purchased with a Saraz.
To purchase Froglube or Ballistol separately, please visit:

Saraz Handpan Building Notes and Insights


Handpan Building

19" flat sheet of metal used for making a handpan shell at saraz

We have recently created a new section on our website entitled Building Handpans, which can be found in the main menu.  There is information about general handpan building, how we craft the Saraz, as well as our perspectives on some of the complications of building these instruments. 

2016 Offered Scale list

Happy new year everyone!

2016 is already proving to be filled with the fruits of much research and development!

After months of preparation, we are now building the Saraz in three different sizes. In addition to our original 21″ diameter sound sculpture, we are now building the Saraz with a smaller 20″ and 19″ diameter.

Why three sizes?

The internal resonance of every handpan is ideal for some notes and not for others. With three sizes, we are able to offer a wider array of scales with a perfect internal resonance. We are also able to offer notes such as Bb4 with resonant perfection. Whereas Bb4 sounds absolutely horrible on a 21″ diameter instrument, it sounds absolutely beautiful on a 19″ diameter instrument.

The following video is of Josh playing our first 19″ Saraz, a G minor 10 with both a Bb3 and Bb4.

Our Scale list has changed significantly in the last month. We are now only offering scales that resonant perfectly within each sized chamber. Diameter is noted either beside specific layouts or in the notes under each scale category.

Wishing you all a great year!

-The Saraz Crew

Rise of the Tomb Raider Video Game Soundtrack

We were very honored to provide a Saraz for the soundtrack to the new Rise of the Tomb Raider video game. Big thanks to Bobby Tahouri and Crystal Dynamics for there work on the compelling soundtrack. Here is a clip for the soundtrack trailer.

More information about the soundtrack and video game can be found at

Now Offering Fly Kits by Hard Case Technologies

Evatek Flykit by Hard Case Technologies

We are delighted to now carry the Fly Kit inserts for Medium Evatek carrying cases. Extensive details on using this extra layer of protection to protect your Handpan, Pantam, or Sound Sculpture during your airline travels can be found at

They can purchased alone or in combination with an Evatek carrying case. Ordering details for customers in the USA and Canada can be found at

A Fly Kit insert for Large Evateks is currently being developed and will be available for purchase in 2016.

Saraz Entourage featuring E.W. Harris

Album cover of Reentry by EW Harris and the Saraz EntrouageWe are honored and excited to introduce the first Saraz Entourage album featuring songs written by E.W. Harris, a very talented songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. All details can be found at



Asheville Percussion Festival

Asheville Percussion Festival

It was a great honor to be a part of the Asheville Percussion Festival that happened June 15th-21st, 2015.

Asheville Percussion Festival 2014 Diana Wortham Concert

Teaching artists included Bashiri Johnson, Suphala, Monette Marino- Keita, Jeff Sipe, Miranda Rondeau, River Guerguerian, Adam Maalouf,  Aparna Keshaviah, Billy Jonas, Brandi, Mizilca, Matthew Richmond, Kevork Guerguerian,  and Emily Keebler.

In addition to all of these artists, Free Planet Radio and the Opal String Quartet performed on the Saturday evening concert, which was absolutely stupendous!

Asheville Percussion Festival 2014Among the many workshops presented, Mark Garner and Peter Levitov gave spoke on Handpans over the weekend and gave a number of new players to the opportunity to play their first handpan. Josh Rivera and Rusty James were also there sharing their skills.

Mountain Xpress wrote a lovely article about Sunday’s afternoon performance with Adam Maalouf, Kevin Spears, and Bashiri Johnson among others.  The article features a video of Adam taking a test drive on a recently crafted Saraz F# Minor 13.

Thank you again to River and all of the crew that made this such a wonderful event! We are looking very forward to next year’s festival!

Asheville Percussion Festival 2014








Now offering Evatek and Polycase 2.1

Hard Case TechnologiesWe feel that the HCT cases are among the very best options currently available for a handpan as well as a VERY significant improvement over any bag we have used in the past. Between the Medium and Large Evatek sizes as well as multiple thicknesses of foam inserts, there is a high quality carrying case option for every handpan brand that we have seen. Product and purchasing details can be found on the new website at

We are very excited to use these carrying cases for the Saraz and are now offering Saraz customers an Evatek upgrade at a discounted price at the time of instrument 2015 with Alessio, Josh and Mark

We are also offering bulk discounts to any other builder in the region that wishes to purchase 5 or more cases. Please contact us directly for details on bulk order prices, shipping quotes, etc. Thank you for your interest in Hard Case Technologies and the Saraz.

Wishing you all many blessings and endless inspiration.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Spring is upon us in the Southern Appalachians as developments continue to bloom in Saraz Land. We are excited to share some announcements and updates with everyone.

Saraz Auction to sponsor LEAF Community Arts
This week, the Saraz Foundation is deeply honored to be conducting an auction to sponsor LEAF Community Arts, a non-profit organization, building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts – locally and globally – with festivals, community events and arts education programs. The Saraz team has been deeply inspired by the aspirations, intentions and success of the LEAF organization particularly for their focus on promoting and supporting music education locally and world wide. The Lake Eden Arts Festival has been one of our favorite festivals long before the Saraz was even conceived and the intention of the LEAF organization has been one of the main inspirations for creating the Saraz Foundation. We feel that this organization is sincerely improving the quality of our planet, species, and culture. Please check out their website for more information about their activities.

Froglube, Microfiber Cloths and Saraz T shirts
We are now selling Froglube Liquid Rust Preventative in the 1.5 oz squeeze tube, 4 oz bottle, and presoaked wipes, as well as microfiber cloths and Saraz T Shirts. Details can be found at

Updated Scale offerings and extended note range
Our offered scale list has recently been updated. We have extended our range and now offer low F3 and F#3 as a side note. Videos of these notes and our newly offered Eb Dorian and C# minor scales can be found at

We are currently developing forms to extend our range further. Low C3 as a center note and low E3 as a side note are very close. Low B2 is next on the horizion. We have also been exploring a new architecture for higher notes above D5. For all of these notes, tuning is easy, however the ideal architecture takes time in order to perfect shoulder tones on lower notes and balanced amplitude of frequencies on higher notes.

Tuning Services offered at 2015 gatherings
Tuning Service for any Saraz will be offered by Mark and Josh at Handpangea Farmington April 24th – 27th, HangOut USA July 16th – 20th, and HangOut UK September 11th – 13th. If you have a Saraz that needs a tune up, please contact us for details in advance.

Waiting List update
After 7 months of research and design, we are finally harvesting the fruits of our labor. Josh Rivera has settled in to building some of the finest Saraz yet as well as increased our production substantially while the rest of the team have geared up for the growing work flow. We are a bit behind our expectations on fullfilling our current waiting list, however, we are quickly picking up speed and still expect to finish the list in 2016.

Thank you for your interest in the Saraz.
Wishing everyone many blessings and endless inspiration,
The Saraz Crew