Lessons for playing Handpan, Hang, Pantam, and other Singing Steel Sound Sculptures

handpan lesson diagram

We are sometimes asked who offers lessons for new, intermediate and advanced Handpan, Hang ®, and Pantam players. The following are a few people that are some of our favorite players as well as great teachers that we strongly recommend.

David CharrierMaster the Handpan Online Classes – David has been playing for more than 12 years. He is a great musician with an excellent sense of composition as well as the various techniques that can be applied to these instruments.  His Online classes cover rhythm, coordination, hand independence, melodies, chords, ear training and a number of grooves and patterns.

David KuckhermannWorld Percussion Academy – David was a world class professionally trained and touring musician before he started playing the Hang ® and Handpan. He brought many techniques from other percussion instruments to the Handpan and was one of the first to offer instructional videos. He currently offers online tutorials as well as a series of DVDs on Hang ® and Handpan techniques in addition to Cajon, Frame Drums, Riq, and Udu.

Colin FoulkeDVD Tutorials – Colin also released 2 DVD tutorials in conjunction with David Kuckhermann. Colin is another great player that quickly pushed the limits of what had been done on the Handpan with his own playing style. His harmonic isolation videos on youtube were some of Mark’s earliest inspirations when he first discovered the instrument in 2011. Now focused primarily on building, Colin also crafts beautiful Handpans of his own.

Peter Levitov – Handpan 360 – There are a couple video tutorials and also contact information for private lessons in person or via Skype with Peter as well as five other top notch excellent players including Nadishana, Jacob Cole, Maxime Le Royer, Aaron Marsala, and one of our all time favorite players, Kabeção.

handpan lessons diagram