Immediately Available Handpans For Sale can be found Here. We often announce these sales on our Facebook page and Email List.

If you would like to purchase a Saraz with a scale from our offered scale list, then we kindly ask you to answer the questions in the request form below. You can also submit your request by either emailing or using our Contact Page.


  1. Current price is based on the number of notes and is in the same price range as other professional quality handpans. A Saraz comes with an Evatek Carrying Case, a microfiber cloth, a sample of rust preventative and a Saraz T shirt. For additional cost we also offer Flykits by Hard Case Technologies, as well as additional Froglube, Pure Sound Pan Wax, Phoenix Oil, microfiber cloths, handpan stands and LugLoc Luggage locators. For details on shipping costs, please visit HERE.
  2. FULL payment including shipping costs will be required before we begin building your Saraz. For international purchases, we accept payment by bank transfer and Transferwise only. Within the USA, we accept bank transfer, money orders and Paypal.  A credit card can be used with either Transferwise or Paypal. All shipping costs, import taxes, VAT, credit card fees and any additional shipping fees are the buyer’s responsibility.
  3. Once your payment is completed, you may expect your Saraz to ship within 4 months. While very rarely something might happen that could prolong this time period, we are keeping our waiting list small specifically so we can start instruments for accepted requests immediately and meet this timeline. Approximately 99% of currently built Saraz are finished within 4 months.


Thank you sincerely for your time and energy!

Wishing you all many blessings and endless inspiration

The Saraz Crew